3 Surreal Days in Singapore

I didn’t have a large desire to visit Singapore at first, despite my Dad’s protests that Singapore was a must-visit. I was informed by a few travellers that it is just a stopover place where there isn’t a huge amount to do. This left my wondering if my few nights there were going to drag. Boy was I wrong.

Whilst backpacking with some friends, we stopped at Singapore in between our travels to Malaysia and Indonesia. I found Singapore to be a lively, intriguing city with PLENTY to do. From the crazy shopping centres to the cloud forest in a dome, I found myself in what could be one of my favourite cities. Here is my itinerary for 3 days in Singapore.

Day 1

We spent the first day with no particular plan apart from to explore when we found ourselves in what we thought would be a regular shopping centre (Marina Bay Sands). It wasn’t.  It was one of the most surreal places I had ever visited. There was a canal with gondolas going up and down it on the ground floor!


After taking this all in, we noticed a sign towards Gardens of the Bay. This had been one of my priorities for Singapore so to there we headed. I was once again hit by the surreal-ness of Singapore.

You can’t miss the super-sized trees here. These 16 storey high futuristic trees are vertical gardens. They reminded me of something out of Avatar. These trees collect rainwater and help to protect the environment. I felt like I was in a wanderland walking among them. They are not to be missed. Make sure you return at night to soak up the sounds and light show among the trees. Out of all the things to see in Singapore I believe that the Gardens by the Bay is the one thing not to miss.


Unique to the Gardens by the Bay is the cloud forest. It’s a museum in a dome… No it’s an actual replicated cloud forest in a dome. Enter the cool air of the cloud forest containing a mountain and waterfall and find plant life from tropical highlands around 2,000 metres above sea level. All in a garden in Singapore!

Day 2

The day I saw a panda! Singapore zoo* was different from any other. There were chimpanzees swinging above my head and plenty of animals to see. If you want to see a panda I recommend you visit the Singapore River Safari right next to the zoo. It takes you on a tour through some of the biggest rivers in the world. As you walked through each river there were aquariums filled with creatures you might find there.

It was at the Yangtzee River section that we saw a panda. I’ve never seen one before so it was a special moment for me.

We got some food before heading over to the night safari where we saw a show of animals of the night including ottors, racoons and more. We undertook the tram ride where we saw different animals under a spotligh around the park including lions and elephants.

Day 3

Our final day in Singapore. I was completely overwhelmed with how much I fell in love with this city. In the morning we returned to the Gardens by the Bay to explore what we missed on the first day. One of the gardens had bushes shaped into animals.

After this we walked over to the Marina where we saw the Helix Bridge. This bridge was built in 2010, connecting Marina Bay and Marina Centre, and is the longest bridge in the country. It represents the 4 main components of DNA and I loved walking over this bridge to catch spectacular views of Singapore, especially at night.

Over the bridge we found a welcoming area serving street food. I ordered my favourite Thai dish- mango and sticky rice. We walked around taking in the atmosphere of Singapore. We saw some lovely restaurants by the bay, some where you could choose your own lobster. If only we had more time…

In the evening we went back to the super trees in the Gardens by the Bay and witnessed an incredible light show. every evening the supertrees put on a light show called the Supertree Rhapsody at 7:45 and 8:45. it is not to be missed! Each tree lit up in ever changing colours which were spectacular to watch. We walked among the multi-colour lit trees and laid down at the base of one to look up to the trees and take in the beauty. This felt truly relaxing and I could have laid there forever.

We then walked over to see the water and laser show by the bay. We decided that we would get a great view from the Helix Bridge. We waited and waited. The show happened and we missed it. It turns out the show was the other side of one of the buildings which we couldn’t see from our view point. It was a shame to miss it but I was still buzzing from the super-tree light show, and the views weren’t bad from the bridge!


After dinner we headed for raffles. We walked through numerous underground passages. They had shops and everything down there; it was like an underground city. Did you know that the famous Singapore Sling cocktail was invented at the Long Bar in Raffles in 1915. Surely you can’t miss the opportunity to have a Singapore Sling in its birth place? we did and it was lovely.

To end our trip to Singapore perfectly we went to altitude bar where we had 360-degree views of the city. We danced the night away making more memories in this fantastic city.


Singapore Airport

Leaving Singapore is an event in itself. The airport is just as crazy as the city. There is a garden and sleeping pods among many other fantastic things to keep you entertained, amazing.

I completely fell in love with Singapore, which is far from how I thought I would feel about it. It’s a wonderful, vibrant city with far more to explore than I had the chance to in my mere 3 days. I would love to visit again in the future (and I don’t say that about every place I visit!).


*There’s part of me that adores the work that zoos do but there’s also a part of me that wonders if it’s fair to cage these wild animals. Having done some research I have come to the belief that zoos are a positive thing for the welfare of animals. Not only has the care for the animals improved over the years, zoos often try to replicate how an animal would live in the wild. I also believe they are important in educating people about these animals. Children in particular have a chance to see animals in real-life that they never might have a chance to see otherwise. How can we expect children to grow up with the desire to help animals if they aren’t exposed to them when they are young? That’s just my opinion anyway…


6 thoughts on “3 Surreal Days in Singapore

  1. Lovely post and so glad that you like my home country so much 🙂 There’s a lot more things waiting for you to do when you return next time so do visit again. I’m a tourist myself when I return for visits lol!


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