Breathtaking views from Mount Saleve and how to get there from Geneva

Considering the amount of times I’ve visited Geneva (usually as a day trip from Montreux), I’m surprised I’ve never paid a visit to Mount Saleve. With a short bus ride and cable car journey, you can find ourself on top of a mountain! Mount Saleve is actually in France but it’s so close to Geneva that it’s perfect to do a daytrip to from there.

As soon as we hopped off the bus I immediately noticed the silhouette of the mountain tucked behind the colours of Autumn.


There is the option of walking to the top or taking the cable car to the top. The cable car only takes a few minutes and we wanted to optimise our time so it seemed like the obvious choice. We were treated to breathtaking views and a haven of tranquility. We were expecting to be up the mountain for a couple of hours, assuming there would not be a huge amount to do up there, however we ended up exploring for 7 hours!

Once you arrive at the top you will be welcomed by a view over Geneva. It was fairly cloudy when we went in October yet still very beautiful. A map highlighted the different walking routes you can take. We decided to head towards the observatory. 10 minutes in and we heard the typical Swiss sound of bells ringing. There were a herd of sheep grazing on the grass; behind them laid an out-of-this world view.


The clouds added to the beauty of the mountains ahead. It felt magical.


From this point on, it seemed that with every corner we turned we were welcomed by a glorious view. Towards the top we stopped at an incredibly picturesque restaurant for a drink- L’observatoire. We sat outside, amazed by both the perfect views and the weather. The sun was shining yet there was still that crisp in the air, perfect for sitting outside for a drink of mulled wine.


It was an idyllic moment sipping wine whilst admiring Mount Blanc in the distance.


We decided to go for a walk to work up an appetite before coming back for lunch. Again, we were greeted by non-stop breathtaking views, and what was meant to be a short stroll turned into a 2 hour hike. Walking around in the fresh, unpoluted air was wonderful. How I would love to live a stone’s throw away from somewhere like this!



We stopped back for lunch at L’observatoire. Unfortunately we couldn’t eat outside but I was pleasantly surprised by the coziness inside, even though it did get very hot and busy.


Dinner was followed by a hot chocolate back outside. It was soon approaching half past 4 and we knew we needed to start making our way back to catch the last cable car at 6. The sun had burnt through most of the clouds and we were able to see a clear view of Geneva.


On our way back we spotted people paragliding off the edge of the mountain. I. Must. Do. This.


Passing the ringing sheep, we were once again in awe of the view.


The trip up Mount Saleve far outdid my expectations and with it being so easy to reach from Geneva, it is certainly not to be missed.

How to get there from Geneva
The great thing about Mount Saleve is that it’s extremely easy to reach from Geneva. Take the No.8 bus to the final stop: Veryrier Douane. Its only around a 15 minute journey and you can use your Geneva transport card to get there for free (your hotel should give you one of these). Once at the bus stop follow signs for Mount Seleve and embark on a 5 minute walk to the cable car.

3 thoughts on “Breathtaking views from Mount Saleve and how to get there from Geneva

  1. We go to Switzerland quite often, but I never heard of this place. Looks beautiful! Love the pictures with the clouds covering the valley!


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