A Day in Toulon, the South of France



On a cruise with my partner, Mike, one of our first stops was Toulon in the South of France. I must admit, if it wasn’t for the cruise stopping there, I wouldn’t have even thought about visiting this city. However, I’m glad we did. Very different to the rest of the South of France, Toulon is a cute, quaint place with plenty of charm and just enough to see in a day.

When we walked off the ship we were welcomed by a gorgeous bay with lines of boats as far as the eye could see.


We firstly headed towards the main market in Toulon. It was huge and I liked that it seemed to cater for locals rather than tourists. There was a large selection of fruit and veg, as well as many fabrics and antiques for sale. As we walked around the markets we could smell the lavender coming from the nearby stalls. If we were there for a little longer I would have loved to visit the lavender fields.

We didn’t have much of a plan for our day in Toulon so we spent a couple of hours getting lost wandering through the old, picturesque streets.


Toulon is the well-known for its rugby club and, although we didn’t go inside, Mike spotted it straight away. If we were there for longer I’m sure he would have liked to have a tour of the stadium.

My favourite thing we did in Toulon was taking a short cable car to the top of Mount Faron.


Mount Faron offered gorgeous views over the bay and, although there wasn’t a huge array of things to do at the top, it was extremely peaceful. We spent a couple of hours hiking around the area and admiring the view.




I enjoyed our time exploring the peaceful city of Toulon. It’s not somewhere I’d recommend spending a large amount of time as a lot of the activities there can be completed within a day, but it’s definitely worth a visit.


14 thoughts on “A Day in Toulon, the South of France

  1. I love relaxing day trips and Toulon seems to fit the bill. 🙂 That road with the flowers is indeed picturesque. I also liked the fact that there’s a cable car to the top of the mountain because I’m not into mountain trekking much lol. Very lovely day you had.


  2. Lovely post – and beautiful photos! I’ve never been there myself. Closest I’ve been is Montpellier or Marseille. According to my boyfriend (who is french), Toulon is a nice place to visit for a daytrip 🙂 sure looks like he’s right!


  3. I’ve never heard of Toulon, but it looks beautiful! Great idea to go up the cable car to see the town from another vantage point!


  4. Your photos are simply lovely! I just LOVE them. I’ve been to France 3 times, but never to the south and I think I need to change that ASAP!


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